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DVD Creation

I have a bunch of mpeg-s I've been taking for some time, and in switching to linux I had no idea what to use. I've been searching around and the penultimate tools seems to be dvdauthor and it seems nearly every other tool to create video DVDs is based on dvdauthor. Alongside dvdauthor, a set of useful tools can be beneficial including Mjpeg Tools, FFMpeg, Toolame, Vrobistools, and Kino.

There are also tools out there that make it possible to create DVD slideshows such as dvd-slideshow. It's requirements are dvdauthor, Mjpegtools, ImageMagick, urw-fonts, ffmpeg, mkisofs, dvdrecord from dvdrtools, and the following codecs lame, oggdec, and toolame.

To preview and play the DVDs mplayer can be used, albeit a command line tool.

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