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Uh, How Annoying Thou Art Yee Ad Servers

Yep, whenever I visit a site I really get annoyed by those ads that are strewn
all over the damned page, so it seems. Instead of cursing my hardware and the
Internet gods, I decided to use a hosts file, rather than rely on my browser:

1) Copy the Ad Server list from:


There are many other sources out there, but i like this one.

2) Open and edit the hosts file:
$ sudo nano /etc/hosts

3) Paste it below the last line and save the file.

4) Reebot, and happy surfing.

Still, not every ad server is listed. If you run across one that is not on the
list simply add it to the hosts file. For a shared connection, such as the
one I have, it's a bandwidth saver. Besides, I don't like accidentally
clicking on a part of the page that sends me where I don't want to go.

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